Grand State Assembly History


In the summer of 1963, the Deputy of the Orient, Illustrious Fred Alexander, 33°, called all Loyal Ladies of the Order of Golden Circle in the Jurisdiction of Florida to meet in Bradenton, Florida for the express purpose of organizing a State Assembly.

Permission for this gathering had been granted by the United Supreme Council of Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite Free Masonry of the Southern Jurisdiction in Washington, D.C., Illustrious Fred Alexander, being authorized with the power by Constitution, found the ladies eager to act in response.

With a quota of four (4) Assemblies represented, 22 members were present. After being duly informed of the laws of the United Supreme Council, the election was held, and the officers installed by the Deputy of the Orient. LL Rosa L. Johnson served as the first State Grand Loyal Lady Ruler, reigning from 1963 to 1986.

Thus, on a warm, beautiful Sunday afternoon, June 9, 1963, the first State Assembly came into being in the history of Florida. This organization represents the female auxiliary to the 32° and 33° Masons of the Consistories of Florida. The women are of high integrity, moral standing, good conduct, of noble character, and pleasing personalities.

These are the women who shall represent the United Supreme Council of Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite Free Masonry wherever they may go. These are the women who have dedicated their lives to the primary purpose of bringing into the life of others, both peace and unity by every word, thought, action or deed.

For more than 58 years, this organization has been working to promote fraternal fellowship, maintain peace and unity among the members, provide social programs, and assist in times of need.

Our Organizational Mission

The object of the organization is to promote fraternal fellowship; maintain peace and unity between the members by providing primarily an attractive social program; to assist them in every way possible in time of need and to promote the interest of the Order of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.

We are home to 300 members and 13 assemblies.

Community representing over 60 different counties.

In existence for over 58 years.